Preschool Spanish Immersion Program

Alexander Montessori School has offered both Spanish Immersion and daily Spanish instruction for our Preschoolers since 1985.

Spanish Immersion Preschool in Miami

We are excited to offer our Preschoolers the opportunity to join our expanded world-class Spanish Immersion Program offered on two of our campuses in five of our nine Preschool classrooms. The Miami Bilingual Montessori Preschool program, delivered in two different models, will help our students become better learners and thinkers, and will teach them to excel in connecting to the world around them. We’ve found that if children see themselves as part of the bigger picture in the world, and they have the resources to engage in different cultural environments, they will grow to be more successful and well-rounded teenagers and adults.

Language Immersion for Preschoolers

A child has the capability to learn a language eight times faster than an adult, and that is why we offer our Spanish Immersion Program to our Preschoolers. As a child enters puberty and beyond, the brain becomes less flexible, making the process of learning another language even more difficult. The social, emotional, and physiological changes at this pre-teen and teen age coupled with what will be for many, finding their way in a new school are also not ideal for taking on a new language.

When children are exposed to a second language early on in life, there is a greater chance that they will absorb and retain that language, and potentially go on to master additional languages. We are living in an increasingly more global economy, meaning that speaking a foreign language is an invaluable skill, and an asset that will give any student an edge in a competitive educational marketplace and beyond into their professional lives.

Academic Benefits of Language Immersion

When a child learns a second language at a young age, they are not only broadening their cultural horizons, but also equipping their brain with better tools to excel in the classroom.

Bilinguals and multi-linguals tend to be more creative thinkers than those who only know one language. This translates into better problem-solving skills and more flexible thinking inside the classroom. Students who are able to retain a second language also score higher on testing, and are more innovative and independent thinkers. These are all valued academic traits at Alexander Montessori School.

Social Benefits of Language Immersion

In a social context, involvement in a language immersion program means that each student has a unique opportunity to engage with a different culture, and come to understand and appreciate the qualities of that culture that make it special. This will better prepare young learners for the complexities of the world they enter into as they get older.

Through our Spanish Immersion Program, our students have a rich cultural and language experience that will give them more confidence in expressing themselves verbally and in writing throughout their academic and professional careers, and in many different social settings.

Learning a second language also provides a greater mental capacity for continuing education and adding a third language or more. Exercising the brain at a young age through language immersion can increase the possibility of becoming multilingual.

Why Alexander Montessori’s Preschool Spanish Immersion Program?

Montessori, at its core, is a multi-sensory approach that is built on individualized instruction. This helps each child learn at his/her own pace, level, and interest.

We have many students and Staff who are bilingual and this helps to surround the children in the target language with many role models, accents, and dialects.

We offer three different programs:

1) Spanish Immersion – AM English/PM Spanish Instruction to work on listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish

2) Naturalistic Spanish Immersion - bilingual vocabulary development, one adult speaks Spanish all day long with the children, daily group lesson in Spanish along with bilingual books and Spanish songs.

3) Daily 30-minute group lesson in Spanish