Course of Studies

Become a certified Montessori Teacher today to teach in our Palmetto Bay Montessori School and other Miami Montessori campuses!

Classes will not be held during Winter and Spring Vacation.
The courses are 360 hours.
Internships: Call (305) 665-6274 or email us for availability.

Exams are usually held during the year in the evenings.
Graduation is usually at the end of the academic year in June.

Students Have Three Choices:

  1. Study one year. Complete the Academic, Seminar (exams), and Practicum Phases.
  2. Study and complete the Academic Phase.
  3. Study one year. Complete the Academic Phase. In the second year, complete the Practicum (internship) Phase, Seminars, and Exams.

If the two-year plan is chosen, exams will be taken during the Practicum Phase. Oral exams are taken during the year of the Practicum Phase. The written philosophy exam is taken after the whole Practicum Phase is completed.

The tuition plan would be adjusted and spread out over the two-year period, should this alternative be chosen by the MTTI student.

Required Books

  • The Absorbent Mind* and Maria Montessori: Her Life and Work* these should be read before the beginning of the Academic Phase.

The following books are also recommended and might be helpful in your studies.

  • Discovery of the Child
  • Secret of Childhood
  • Theories of Development
  • Montessori in Contemporary Culture
  • Children: The Challenge

The following manuals will be required to be purchased as part of your studies:

  • Montessori Manuals by E.G. Caspari:
    • Practical Life
    • Mathematics
    • Language
    • Sensorial
  • Science Manual by Ken Bronsil
  • Art Manual by Nancy Rose