Other Programs

Learning Lab

This academic program at Alexander Montessori School is conducted in English, and is designed for both advanced readers and children who need extra help, particularly those whose first language is not English. Our Learning Lab is conducted under the direction of an experienced Reading Clinician, equipped with a wide range of reading machines and audio-visual equipment to assist children to learn to read and to reinforce reading skills.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

ESOL teaches students with limited English proficiency. We provide intensive instruction in the development of communication skills in English as a new language. ESOL is a language arts and cultural program designed to meet the specific needs of students in language-learning and cultural integration. It is offered to Pre-Kindergarten students through Fifth Graders. It includes listening comprehension, oral expression, pronunciation, reading, and writing. It also supports the skills and concepts presented in the regular English curriculum and is coordinated with classroom instruction.

The limited English proficient student first has an ESOL test followed by a parent conference. The student's individual needs and the appropriate ESOL Program are presented to the parents at this conference. Children who have come to us with no English background have successfully graduated from Alexander Montessori School as a result of the work in ESOL Lab. Most schools do not have such assistance available on campus. During the summer months, ESOL Lab is open to both Campers and non-Campers.

Early Arrival & Extended Day

At each Campus, students may arrive during Early Arrival hours (times vary by location) and begin their day under the supervision of Alexander Staff Members. This is a complimentary service provided for the convenience of our families.

Extended Day is also available at our Ludlam RoadRed Road, and Palmetto Bay Campuses for an additional fee. This service is reserved for those families enrolled in our full-day programs.