Back to School - Back to Basics

The slow summer days have come and gone as the start of a new school year begins. The excitement of buying school supplies and getting backpacks organized is a classic part of the back-to-school routine. But the reality is, things are quite different this year! Back to school in 2020 has been unlike anything we have ever experienced before. The excitement has been paired with uncertainty and fear. With new guidelines to keep students and Staff safe, wearing masks, and maintaining social distance, going back to school this year has been a totally new experience. One thing has definitely not changed, however, and that is that whether children returned on-site or opted for Distance Learning, getting back to school has been a success at Alexander Montessori!

Whether children were on-site or logging in from home, the excitement of the first few days was palpable. Children and Teachers missed the connection and smiles could be seen all around- even with masks on! Children and Teachers alike have been thrilled to return to a routine. Back to school this year has been about returning back to the basics- connection. Children have been craving connection so the focus this year has been on connecting with friends, classmates, and Teachers! The Alexander community has found unity despite the distance. After being out of school for five months, children, parents, and teachers were happy to be back together... even if it is 6 feet apart.

Here are what some children have been saying about being back to school:
“I am happy to be back to school so I can play with my friends on the playground.” Fionn “We are very happy to be doing our lessons in Red Door.” -Mason and Sebastian

“I feel so happy! Being in school is so much fun! I like the real lessons, the ones that are not only paper.” Camila

“A mi me gusta estar en el cole, porque me gusta ver a mis maestras.” Federico

“I like being back at school more than going to online classes because I do things being in the place you are supposed to be.” Amaana