The start of the school year can be a hectic and stressful time for teachers, students, and parents.  The long, slow days of summer with abundant free time and less structure have come to an end and now we need to shift to a more fast-paced school schedule.  Getting back into a schedule and back into the swing of things at school can be a difficult transition for children.  From the early morning wake up to having more responsibilities and homework, many students are resistant to acclimating back to the school routine.  So how can you make this challenging transition smoother? 

Here are some tips:

  1. Focus on the positive things about going back to school.
  2. Ask your child what do they like best about school or ask them what they are excited to do the first week.
  3. Preview what the first day of school might be like. Having your child think about what to expect can help calm them.
  4. Talk to kids about what worries them and offer support. 
  5. Ease your child into a consistent school-night routine a few weeks before school starts so they are getting enough sleep and can adjust to the early wake up when school starts.  Creating a predictable routine is important. 
  6. Eat a healthy breakfast.
  7. Use a wall calendar to organize when assignments are due, when tests will be given and to record when extracurricular activities and practices will be held.
  8. Set up and organize a place for your child to do their homework assignments. Ideally, it should be a quiet place with lots of light.  Supplies, such as pencils, paper, erasures, and other materials should be easily accessible.
  9. It is normal to be anxious about any new situation.  Remember to focus on the positive aspects of school and discuss what they like about school.  Taking some time to preview, organize, talk about their fears, and offer support helps build trust and ensures the child that they have you supporting them.  This can help make back to school a smooth transition!