Another Year, Another Way to Look at School

As we wrap up another school year, we can definitely agree that this was not a “normal” year.  We started out in August uncertain about so many things.  The School Administration, Staff, and Teachers spent countless hours researching, planning, and preparing for opening its doors to eager students.  Classrooms looked different - acrylic dividers were installed on desks, signage on the floors directed the flow of students, two outdoor classrooms were installed, and in the Preschool Children’s Houses, each student had their own workstation.  There were social distancing rules and masks, as well as lots and lots of hand sanitizer and hand washing.  But the excitement was contagious as the promise of onsite learning came true.  We had to adjust to a new reality to keep each other safe so parties and other school events became virtual celebrations.  Open Houses, Art shows, Poetry Orations, Greek Olympics, Coffee House, Middle Ages Faire, Friday Night Prime Time, and other amazing events have all looked a little differently this year.  It has not just been another school year; it has been a year of growth.  We have learned to look at school in another way and really reflect on what is most important.  We have been successful because we all worked together, filling out the daily wellness checks, being extra cautious, knowing that our actions affect not just ourselves, but our families and our school community.  There were so many differences this year, but one thing has certainly remained the same - we have all continued to learn, grow, and flourish.  It has not been easy, but we have succeeded - together!