AMS Students Excel at Coconut Grove Sailing Club

We are so proud of our Alexander Montessori School students and love hearing how they implement the Montessori Method in their daily routine!  Here is a Montessori Moment captured by one of our current Alexander Montessori School parents!

This is Antonio and Cecilia who sail with Coconut Grove Sailing Club.  Antonio has been sailing now for 2.5 years, while it is Cecilia's first year.  The photo of Antonio shows him sailing in the United States Optimist Dinghy Association National Regatta in the summer of 2019.  At Nationals, Antonio qualified for Team Trials.  Team Trials is the regatta where children compete for a place on the US Team. Cecilia can be seen rigging her sail, early in the morning on the second day of her first sailing regatta.  When her mom tried to help her, she confidently said, “Mama, I need to do this myself.”

"Sailing is a terrific sport that builds so well on the foundational skills my children built in White Door.  Sailing fosters their independence, resourcefulness, creativity, and intellect," says Antonio and Cecilia's mom.