AMS Alumna is NBC Houston's #1 News Anchor

Former student, Dominique Sachse, started attending Alexander Montessori when she was 2.5 years old in 1969.  After a few years, her family moved to Houston, Texas, but her mom continued to teach her the Montessori Method she had grown to love.  She made her own materials to mimic at home what was being taught in the classroom.  She adored her Alexander Montessori Teachers and is forever grateful for the head start she was given.

Fast forward to today.  Dominique is the #1 News Anchor for NBC in Houston now.  She has her own YouTube Channel and she just broke through the milestone of having 1 million subscribers.  She is going to be on the third hour of The Today Show on Monday, 10/7, and invites you to tune in.  Dominique’s family attributes her success to the start she got at Alexander.

Check out her YouTube Channel here.