A Tribute to Ms. Nancy

Ms. Nancy Hearsey was part of Alexander Montessori School for 38 years.  First, as a Teacher Assistant in Orange Door and then, as a Media Assistant in the Media Center/Library.  When Ms. Nancy, as she liked to be called, passed away, her family made a donation and helped us create a tribute to her legacy.

Why a bicycle?  Ms. Nancy was known to ride her bike, outfitted with big baskets, where she would collect bottles and cans she would find on her ride and then recycle them.  By recycling the items she found, Ms. Nancy helped the planet while earning money for her dream European vacation.  The wings on the bicycle represent Ms. Nancy's fulfilled dream.  The sculpture was designed by Mrs. Yunta, our Art Teacher, and Mr. McGhee, our Elementary Headmaster.  Our students can now remember and learn about Ms. Nancy whenever they visit the Media Center at our Ludlam Road Campus.