2020-2021 AMS Student Council Elections

In November, the Middle School Prep students, Teachers, Staff, and parents gathered together virtually for the Student Council speeches.  There were 71 candidates for office and over 150 participants!  This was the first time the Student Council speeches were held via Zoom and it was a successful event!

Students created colorful campaign posters in Computer class and wrote their own speeches in Social Studies class.  Ms. Arboleda congratulated all candidates and students for their hard work, adaptability, and resilience.  Mrs. Beverley McGhee, Co-Founder of Alexander Montessori, attended the event and honored all the students for being wonderful leaders.  She said that being a leader brings “HOPE, which stands for Help Other People Everyday.”  Mrs. McGhee closed by sharing, “Alexander students are taught to be great leaders and they help the world by being better with everyone.” Congratulations to all the candidates!