2019-2020 AMS Middle Ages Faire

On May 26th, we spent the day living in the Middle Ages at Alexander Montessori!  Our students took on roles in all facets of the Kingdom, from King and Queen to Royal Artist to Furrier, Blacksmith, Gypsy, and more.  Each student was introduced by their Faire name and title and shared a bit about what they do.  After their introduction, the students collectively explained what life was like in the Middle Ages.

Thank you to Ms. Arboleda, all the Teachers, and Teacher Assistants for making the Middle Ages Faire possible!  Although the special banquet was not possible, the students were still able to gather together virtually to present their characters and recite their presentations.

Here's a special note from Mrs. Arboleda about the amazing day:  "Thank you for journeying back in time with us to the Kingdom of Alexander.  We truly hope that history has come alive for you today!  The students have worked diligently in Social Studies class, developing their characters for their Living History Journals and their presentations today.  Students, I congratulate you on a job very well done.  I am immensely proud of all of you.  I would like to thank Miss Judy for her invaluable help, that is always given with a smile...  And a very special thank you to the parents who support and enrich our School's activities!  Your virtual presence was greatly appreciated!  Mr. McGhee and Dr. McGhee, thank you, as always, for encouraging so many wonderful events at Alexander Montessori School and supporting all of our endeavors, especially during the most challenging times.  You have created a unique and wonderful School for the children!"