Congratulations to Coach Rudy Fernandez and the R.Y.A.N. Football Team (U-10) for winning the NFL Regional National Championship at The Super Bow's NFL Experience.

The game was played in Phoenix, Arizona, where the team members had the privilege of being in the 2015 Super Bowl stadium, along with the star players of this past weekend's Super Bowl game.

The entire Ludlam Road Alexander Montessori School family welcomed back Coach Rudy and "star" team members, Carson Haggard, Christian Sosa, and Nicholas Sosa, with a surprise outdoor assembly.

You can view the championship game on YouTube at:

Nickelodeon aired a show, "NFL Flag Show," that was being filmed while the teams and coaches were practicing/playing/coaching. Some were interviewed, so there was a possibility that they would be a part of the show. The show aired on Saturday, January 31st.