2014 Charleston Wraps

Congratulations to the Alexander Parents Association for another successful Charleston Wraps fundraiser. We are very grateful to the APA for providing incredible social activities and enrichment for our Alexander Montessori School families and Staff. November 17th was an exciting day as the top Charleston Wraps sellers were announced, along with the Grand Prize BMX Bike Raffle and BMX Show T-Shirt winners.


The Grand Prize Raffle for the BMX bike was won by lias Chan from White Door and the BMX Show Shirt winners were Sabrina Perez and Alexa Pereda. The Top 10 Charleston Wrap sellers gift cards to Chill'n are:


1. Luciano Perez, Room #7 (80 items sold)

2. Carson Haggard, Room #15 (59 items sold)

3. Sabrina Paiz, Room #6 (51 items sold)

4. Juan Diego Paiz, Room #6 (49 items sold)

5. Solene Fernandez, Room #7 (40 items sold)

6. Nieves Helfand, Peach Door (38 items sold)

7. Julia Paula, Room #14 & Isabella Paula, Green Door (35 items sold)

8. Elias Chan, White Door (31 items sold)

9. Daniel Ortiz, Room #1 & Jessica Friedman, Media Center (29 items sold)

10. Victoria Costa, Yellow Door & Lily de Armas, Room #7 (27 items sold)