Reading Aloud with Your Child

Reading books aloud to children is part of the magic of childhood.  There is something that is unforgettable about how words of a story can create a movie in your mind and make characters come to life.  Reading aloud creates a special bond between parent and child(ren).  During early childhood, the time shared together with stories read aloud is one of the most important activities leading to language development.  Fast forward to later childhood, reading aloud helps enhance their listening skills, improve advanced vocabulary acquisition, as well as comprehension and understanding complex ideas.  It is safe to say that reading aloud provides an important foundation for literacy development.  Sure, language development, increased knowledge of vocabulary, and establishing a strong foundation for literacy are important, but the benefits of reading aloud are not just about academics.  What is magnificent is that reading books to children helps stimulate their imagination!  Cuddling up with your child and opening the pages of a book can expand their understanding of the world.  There are countless books that can introduce your child to a wide variety of experiences and many different topics including history, art, science, and more.  Even after children learn to read by themselves, or rather, ESPECIALLY after children learn to read by themselves, it is crucial for parents and children to continue to read aloud together.  From classic picture books to Newbery Award-winning chapter books, the choices are vast.  So, grab a book, cuddle up with your child and let the adventures begin!