AMS Tips for a Safe Halloween

Like many other holidays and events, this year’s Halloween will be impacted by the ongoing pandemic and the safety precautions that surround it. Traditional Halloween activities are fun, but some can increase the risk of getting or spreading COVID-19. The CDC recommends planning alternate ways to participate in Halloween. You can read more about those here.

If you are still going to take part in trick-or-treating this year, here are eight safety tips for a safe and enjoyable Halloween:

  1. Talk to your children about Halloween safety. Keeping open lines of communication with your children about what to expect and how to stay safe can ensure a smooth Halloween for everyone.

  2. Avoid direct contact with trick-or-treaters and make sure to wash your hands as often as possible, following the 20-second rule. Consider setting up a station with individual candy for the visitors to take without having to interact with you.

  3. Make sure that your home is a safe trick-or-treating environment for not only your children, but also for those who may visit.

  4. Don’t forget to wear your mask! A costume mask won’t help stop the spread of COVID-19, so remember to incorporate your CDC safe mask into your costume.

  5. Check all candy before allowing it to be consumed. Make sure that each piece is securely wrapped and sealed before allowing anyone to eat it.

  6. Follow the buddy system. Make sure to stay in groups and on the sidewalk. If you must cross the street, make sure to do it at a crosswalk.  

  7. Carry a flashlight on you to illuminate dark areas. Consider giving the children glow sticks or adding reflective tape to their costumes to make sure they are seen in the dark.

  8. Don’t forget to brush your teeth before bedtime! With all that extra candy, this can make a difference.


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