10 Spring Break Activities You Can Do at Home

Spring Break is here!  We’ve been home more than ever over the past year, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t creative ways to make sure your children are having fun while they are on a break from school.

Here are 10 entertaining activities you can do with your children while hanging out at home during Spring Break:

  • Camp in the yard - Pitch a tent and spend an evening under the stars.  Barbecue dinner or use a grill to make s’mores.  Tell scary stories or fun stories about your own childhood that your children may have never heard before.

  • Make paper airplanes - Design a cool landing strip and turn it into a game:  Can you fly your plane into a large pot, a large circle cut out of paper on the floor, or through a hula hoop?

  • Have a spa day - Get nail polish, face masks, and lotions.  Spend an afternoon relaxing with aromatherapy and give each other manicures and makeovers.

  • Make bird feeders - A fun activity that can provide hours of bird watching entertainment.  Find a few easy kid-friendly ideas here.

  • Start a flower garden - Plant flowers in little pots that the children have decorated. Everything needed for this project is easy to find at any craft store or even Dollar Tree.

  • Feed the ducks - Find a local pond and make some new friends.  Recommended items to feed ducks include:  Sweet corn (frozen or fresh), lettuce (ripped up into small pieces), peas (fresh or frozen (and defrosted first!)), oats, seeds (bird seed or seeds from the healthy foods section of your supermarket) or rice (leftover cooked rice).

  • Create a scavenger hunt - For the younger crowd, have the children collect items based on colors (such as three red items, three blue items, etc.), and for older children, items can be collected based on letters of the alphabet.

  • Use painter’s tape for hours of fun - One roll of painter’s tape equals countless activities.  Create a long jump “pit” with several spaced-out lines of tape and see how far the children can jump.  Perhaps they get further each time they try!  Fashion your very own indoor hopscotch court and use rolled up socks or beanbags as markers.  Design a race track for toy cars, trucks, and trains.

  • Build a fort - Hide the breakables and let the children use every pillow, blanket, and piece of furniture in the living or family room to create a giant fort.  Let them eat lunch or dinner in it.

  • Do nothing - Yes, that’s right.  In today’s time of over-scheduled children, a day or two of totally unscheduled time, when your young ones can sleep late, play creatively, or work on a hobby, and generally relax, may be just what the doctor ordered.

Whatever you plan to do this Spring Break, we hope our Alexander Montessori Family has a fun and safe time off that is enjoyed with their family and friends.