Mission, Philosophy, and Objectives


To cultivate children’s natural curiosity, independence, and love of learning as they discover the interdependent nature of life, explore their unique purpose, and peacefully transform the world.


We are committed to Maria Montessori’s philosophical concept of “The Cosmic Goal of Education.” For us, this means that academic success and its products have their highest meaning when they contribute to the progress of humanity. Our motto comes from Montessori's observations of the young child's often spoken request that emphasizes the essential foundation of independence: “Help me to help myself.” Our motto explains that we strive to impart to the children the highest motive for education: “Help me to help myself that I may help others.” These goals of a love for learning and love for others are summarized in our school-wide motto: “To learn to love to learn.”


We guide the children toward mastery of written and spoken communication; an understanding of the fundamentals of science and mathematics; an appreciation of the arts; and the importance of health, nutrition, and physical activity for lifelong healthy life habits. We guide them to appreciate that educated people are:  Informed about themselves, their own culture, and history;  Appreciate the contribution to human progress from cultures all over the world, throughout history, as humanity seeks to fulfill shared fundamental needs. In this way, we prepare the children to adapt, communicate, and relate to other individuals and cultures. Educated people are not a “product” of an academic system, but rather a realization of their own initiative and potential. Our goal is to help the children maximize their potential and effort. We strive to combine the Montessori Method and philosophy with the best of the traditional and contemporary pedagogy. Our school uses observation, informal testing, and formal testing to assess achievement. Students are individually challenged to work according to their ability and are encouraged and supported to advance as they are able.