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Alexander Parents Association Board with our Co-founder, Mrs. Beverley McGhee at the 2024 New Year Coffee Morning.

The Alexander Parents Association (APA) offers an element of social interaction among the parents, as well as an opportunity to coordinate and to enhance the children's Montessori experience with enrichment programs and extracurricular activities.

The combined resources and talents of Alexander Montessori School parents are formidable. The APA seeks to coordinate these resources and talents to provide a platform for interaction, cooperation, and socialization among the parents. All parents are invited to attend APA meetings, volunteer their time toward APA-sponsored activities and events, and contribute their ideas and suggestions that serve to improve the organization and the various enrichment programs offered.

What is the APA?

All families are automatic members of the APA, with every child benefiting from APA activities. The Alexander Parents Association (APA) operates as a volunteer, parent-led organization committed to enhancing the quality of education, student life, and overall spirit at Alexander Montessori School. Throughout the school year, the APA coordinates and sponsors various programs and events aimed at enriching the experiences of students, parents, and staff. This mission is accomplished through the dedicated efforts of our parent volunteers.

To support APA events without ticket sales (such as the Halloween Carnival, Coffee Mornings, and Faculty/Staff Year-End Appreciation Luncheon), the APA Activity Fee, a nominal per-student fee paid alongside tuition, is in place. Additionally, our fundraisers play a crucial role in supplementing the costs associated with numerous programs, events, and enrichment experiences throughout the year. Notably, the annual APA Cocktail Party/Gala stands as our largest fundraising event. Your participation and support are invaluable in achieving our mission and sustaining the vibrant community at Alexander Montessori School.

How is the APA different from a traditional PTA?

At Alexander, our approach diverges from the traditional PTA model. Here, every parent enjoys direct communication channels with their child's teacher and the school administration, eliminating the need for a PTA "intermediary." This streamlined communication allows questions or concerns to be addressed promptly and directly. As a result, the Alexander Parents Association can concentrate on cultivating a substantive school community, providing parents with the opportunity to spearhead enrichment activities, volunteer actively within the school, and exemplify cooperation and involvement. By leading through example, parents play a pivotal role in teaching our children the values of engagement and community participation.

Meet the 2023-2025 APA Board

  • Jimena Rocha, President
  • Aicha Von Der Goltz, Vice President
  • Marilyn Wong, Admin Lead
  • Lauren Apa Diaz, Finance Lead

We welcome you to the Alexander Parents Association (APA) and look forward to seeing you at all of the upcoming events this school year!

Upcoming Events

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