Welcome to the world of a child. It’s a world of wonder and discovery. Where chairs are small and learning is as big as a child’s imagination. Where doorknobs are lower and children reach higher. Here, children lead the way and follow their natural talents beyond the ordinary, as they fall in love with learning in a child’s world.

Where Children Learn to Love Learning

Nestled on four scenic campuses in Miami-Dade County, Alexander Montessori School holds a longstanding reputation as one of the world’s leading Montessori schools. Founded in 1963 by Jim McGhee, Sr. and Beverley A. McGhee, a Living Legacy in Montessori education, this independent day school remains the only fully-accredited American Montessori Society School in Miami and one of only 10 throughout Florida.

Alexander Montessori offers full-day and half-day educational programs uniquely designed to foster a love of learning for children ages 18 months to 12 years old. The child-centered Montessori philosophy provides a learning environment for Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Elementary students unlike other Miami private schools and traditional public education.

At Alexander Montessori, classrooms and curricula are tailored to a child’s learning and growth. Rather than imparting knowledge, the primary purpose of the Montessori Method is developing children intellectually and socially to be independent thinkers and self-directed leaders. Teachers follow the child’s lead, allowing learning to take its own path and pace, which often outpaces traditional education. Graduates of Alexander Montessori consistently go on to gain acceptance to the most respected college preparatory schools.

As stewards of a child’s early years, the dedicated Faculty and Staff of Alexander Montessori School take seriously their role in helping children become who they will be in the future. Empowering the whole child at Alexander Montessori includes a multidimensional Extracurricular Program, with everything from art and music to flag football, French, and ballet. A well-equipped Computer Lab, swimming pool, gymnasium, and tennis courts enhance this uncommon educational world for a child to learn to love to learn.